The Ukrainian maritime corridor set records for two consecutive days - February 17 and 18 - when 16 ships left the ports of Greater Odesa.

This was reported by the CFTS portal, citing the publication Dumsky.

Five bulk carriers—the Mercury J, Amira Miro, Glorious Sea, ABK Legend, and the 229-meter Bull—left the port of Chornomorsk on 18 February.

The bulk carriers Eirini S, Aileen, ER Nazire, Rose III (229 meters), and Johanna (292 meters) left the port of Pivdennyi for the Bosporus.

The ships Anka, Sundry, Amo Grande, and Omar Trader, as well as the tanker Griffin T, left the port of Odesa.

Several vessels are waiting to enter Ukrainian ports, including the 292-meter New Assimina, which will dock at the port of Pivdennyi to load rolled steel.

As previously reported, 736 civilian ships carrying food have passed through the Black Sea corridor established by Ukraine since it opened on 13 February. Over 22 million tons of cargo of various types were exported from the launch of the Black Sea corridor to 12 February.