Infrastructure Minister Andrii Pyvovarskyi has said that complete overhaul of the Odessa-Reni highway will cost UAH 3.5-4 billion. He was speaking in an interview with

"The Odesa-Reni highway practically does not exist. We have already begun building a bypass section. The problem with this highway is that it has not been maintained for decades. In many places, the foundation of the road no longer exists and a major overhaul is needed. A major overhaul [will cost] UAH 3.5-4 billion. When someone says that the surface can be repaired for UAH 400 million, it is not true. In that section of the highway, there are pits into which an automobile can enter and it will not be seen at all," said the minister.

According to him, in order to restore all the highways of national importance in 10 years, it will be necessary to spend UAH 40-50 billion annually on their repair and maintenance. In addition, it will be necessary to allocate 50 billion annually for local roads. In this context, he mentioned the draft law on road reform, which provides for decentralization of road management, but parliamentary deputies have not yet voted on it.