Romanian ports handled 59.42 million tons of cargo in 2016, which is 5.48% more than they handled in 2015. The biggest increase (by 58.85%) was in the volume of fertilizers handled by the ports, but the handling of grain cargoes remained key. The volume of grain cargoes handled by Romanian ports reached a record high of 20.39 million tons, the CFTS reports.

The Port of Constanta handled 51.78 million tons of cargo, a 4.73% increase compared with 2015. Grain cargoes remained the leading type of cargo handled by the port in 2016 (20.39 million tons), accounting for 45% of the total volume. Container handling at the Port of Constanta totaled 6.89 million tons or 711,300 TEU, an increase of 0.7% in terms of weight or 5.74% in terms of TEU.

The Port of Midia, which specializes in handling crude oil and petroleum products, handled 7.39 million tons of cargoes in 2016, which is 14.02% more than it handled in 2015. The Port of Mangalia handled 0.23 million tons of cargo, an increase of 3.37%.

Following are the main types of cargoes handled by Romanian ports in 2016: 20.39 million tons of grains (+3.94%), 7.48 million tons of crude oil (+13.56%), 5.65 million tons of petroleum products (+9.45%), 3.15 million tons of non-ferrous metal ore and scrap (+1.54%), 2.92 million tons of fertilizers (+58.85%), 2.91 million tons of oilseeds (+49.56%), 2.59 million tons of iron ore and scrap (-5.67%), 2.22 million tons of coal (-30.58%), 2.04 million tons of metals (+0.74%), 796,000 tons of food products (+4.21%), 722,000 tons of chemical goods (+14.02%), and 557,000 tons of wood (-34.88%).