The first consultations between Ukraine, the European Union, and Russia on some aspects of the functioning of the free trade area between Ukraine and the European Union took place in Brussels from June 4 to 5. The European Pravda publication obtained details of the consultations.

According to participants in the consultations, the parties were to discuss Ukraine’s transition to the technical regulations of the European Union, as well as issues of cooperation between customs authorities, during the current round of consultations.

However, instead of the specific comments, the Russian delegation initiated a 10-year postponement of the introduction of the technical regulations adapted to European Union’s standards.

"Of the 24 technical regulations, we have only three remaining to be adapted. Part of these regulations has already entered into force," the source said.

"The Russians want many things, but that does not mean anything. We gave them a list of the implemented regulations to enable them to familiarize themselves with them and express their concerns, proceeding from the fact that only three remain to be implemented," one official said.

Such consultations are a key point of the joint operational conclusions of the trilateral group of Ukraine, the European Union, and the Russian Federation. In exchange for Russia dropping its demand for another postponement of the introduction of the provisions on free trade between Ukraine and the European Union, the two sides agreed to discuss all Russian concerns about the impact of this regime on the Russian economy.

According to tripartite agreements, the technical consultations should be completed by the end of July.