Russia will impose additional import duty on Ukrainian chocolate, coal, and glass in response to Ukraine’s decision to introduce a special import tax on automobiles, the Interfax Ukraine news agency has reported, citing Reuters.

In a filing with the World Trade Organization (WTO), Russia said that the Ukrainian car tax would hit Russian car exports worth USD 328 million dollars, raising USD 36 million in taxes.

To compensate for this, Russia said it reserved the right to impose import duties of EUR 0.1 per kilogram on Ukrainian chocolate, 15% on glass, and 54% on coal.

According to the rules of the WTO, of which Russia and Ukraine are members, an injured party has the right to impose retaliatory taxes to compensate for its losses.

As earlier reported, turkey has said that it reserves the right to impose a 23% import duty on Ukrainian walnuts from July 12 this year in response to Ukraine’s restrictions on automobile imports in accordance with the rules of the WTO, but Ukraine has said that it aims to persuade Turkey not to impose this duty.