The Odessa region’s Governor Mikheil Saakashvili has announced his intention to redirect through Ukraine the flow of goods that should pass through the "New Silk Road” from China to Europe via Russia.

Saakashvili said during an interview on the Channel 5 television station that the Ilyichevsk seaport could be the point of entry into Ukraine for goods passing through the "New Silk Road."

However, according to him, for this to happen, it is necessary to build a highway to Reni, build a bridge across the Dniester estuary, and adopt legislation allowing highway concessions.

"There is currently a plan – the ‘New Silk Road.’ Logistics takes 30 days via Russia but a maximum of 9 days through Ilyichevsk. Everything has been built. It is necessary to attract large flows, they exist, and they can be attracted. Flows here, build a highway to Reni, i.e. to the European Union. Then build a long bridge over the Dniester estuary so that nobody can ever detach Bessarabia. We are already working," Saakashvili said.