According to data from MarineTraffic, a vessel traffic tracking service, passage of ships through the Kerch–Yenikale canal to Ukrainian ports on the Sea of Azov has resumed, the CFTS portal reports.

The Zara vessel was located in in the port of Berdiansk as of 10:10 on December 3. The vessel arrived from the Romanian port of Constanta, from where it departed on November 22. The Gulf Blue vessel was located in the port of Mariupol as of 12:08, having arrived from the Turkish port of Tuzla, from where it departed on November 21.

In addition, the AIS coordinates of the Sider Luck vessel, which left the port of Mariupol late on November 26, indicated that it had passed through the Kerch Strait en route to the Italian port of Monfalcone.

The Juliana vessel, which left the port of Mariupol on December 1, was located in the Black Sea en route to the port of Monfalcone.

The Bulker Federal Hudson vessel left the port of Mariupol in the early hours of December 2, heading for the port of Sunderland. According to its AIS coordinates, the vessel was located south of the southern tip of the Crimean peninsula. The Adastar bulk carrier, which left Berdiansk in the morning on November 26, was located in approximately the same place.

The Mariupol and Berdiansk seaports have not yet commented on the current situation regarding the passage of vessels through the Kerch Strait.

The Ukrainian Seaports Authority (USPA) has promised to provide the relevant information in the near future.

As reported, Ukraine’s minister of infrastructure declared earlier that the Ukrainian ports on the Sea of Azov were essentially being blockaded by Russia.

However, some market participants believe that the situation is due partly to weather conditions.