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One of the Ukrainian-based SkyUp Airline’s two Boeing airplanes that were at the Khartoum airport (Sudan) at the beginning of the military coup in the country has burned down and only a charred wreckage of the airliner remains.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Avianews publication, which cited satellite images from the Maxar space technology company.

Another Boeing 737-800 belonging to SkyUp Airline sits nearby on the apron and appears undamaged. However, technicians will have to determine the state of the second aircraft after a detailed inspection.


As reported earlier, the SkyUp airline company confirmed on 15 April that the emergency locator beacon on one of its two airliners at the Khartoum airport had been activated because of the fighting in Sudan.

Thirty-six employees of the Ukrainian airline company are currently in Sudan. The company is taking measures to evacuate them.

The two SkyUp Airlines airplanes are in Sudan under an ACMI lease contract with the Sun Air airline company. They performed flights to Cairo (Egypt), Riyadh, and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) from the beginning of 2023.