The Stalkanat-Silur Production Association (Odessa) has completely stopped the shipment of its products to Russia because of problems at customs, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

Officials at the company told Interfax Ukraine that the problems and delays at customs began on July 20 and that the situation has not improved since then.

"Goods were delayed for five or six days, customs officers demanded their delivery into safe storage, confiscated their certificates of origin, etc. Therefore, it was decided to suspend shipments until this situation is resolved," a member of the company's management told the news agency.

According to him, the company previously shipped 1,700-1,800 tons of products to its Russian partners per month.

Stalkanat-Silur produces steel and nylon ropes, as well as metal goods. In 2012, the company made a net profit of UAH 20.76 million (compared with a net loss of UAH 16.32 million in 2011) but its net revenue reduced by 12.5% to UAH 1.013 billion.