State registration of the Ukrainian Railways public joint-stock company will take place in October, the press center of the State Railway Administration (Ukrzaliznytsia) has announced.

Ukrzaliznytsia’s current acting General Director Oleksandr Zavhorodnyi has been appointed as the acting board chairman of PJSC Ukrainian Railways.

"The new organizational structure will be presented within a month. There will be dynamic processes involving transfer of enterprises to a new level of management. I emphasize that auctioning is not privatization. PJSC Ukrainian Railways is 100% owned by the state, represented by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine," Zavhorodnyi said.

PJSC Ukrainian Railways, in which the state will own 100% of the shares, will be established on the basis of Ukrzaliznytsia as well as more than 50 rail transport enterprises and institutions, which will be merged.

The list of enterprises on the basis of which PJSC Ukrainian Railways will be established includes six railways, railcar repair plants, state railway enterprises, rail transport design and research institutes, and several technological design and engineering bureaus.