The Cabinet of Ministers is considering a project involving construction of a toll road bypassing Ternopil based on a concession agreement. Bohdan Yulik, the head of the road service in the Ternopil region, announced this in an interview with the UNIAN news agency.

"We hope that it will be possible to implement a project involving construction of a new road bypassing Ternopil on a concession basis. This road will pass through Shliakhtyntsi, Smykivtsi, Pidhorodne, and Dolzhanka. The relevant documents are currently under consideration in the Cabinet of Ministers. If the Cabinet of Ministers agrees its construction on a concession basis, we will be able to announce an international tender to select a concessionaire," said Yulik.

He added that the company that builds the road with its own money would collect tolls on it for a period determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.

"A number of international companies are interested in this project because we have a sufficiently high traffic. The length of the road will be 44 kilometers and its construction will take a year and a half," Yulik said.

After the toll period expires – for example, in 25 years – the road will be handed over to the local community.

Yulik also said that although part of the necessary land has already been allocated for other purposes, this should not be a problem for the road. "It will be a problem of the heads of the village councils that made the decision to allocate reserved land for construction or something else. The land is officially reserved. I think they will find a way out of the situation to avoid problems with the police," Yulik said.