In 2018 transport infrastructure projects in Ukraine amounted to UAH 86 billion. In 2019, UAH 55 billion were allocated for roads repairs and maintenance, out of which UAH 14, 6 billion was earmarked for local roads. In 2020 92,3 billion UAH is allocated for the maintenance, construction and operation of roads of national significance.

In order to receive best value for money from the funds invested, there is a need for an effective, accountable, transparent system. It means that the current infrastructure cycle management practices must be improved: that is the way infrastructure facilities and systems are built, upgraded, rehabilitated and operated.

The current deficiencies to maintain, restore and develop the country infrastructures must be eliminated through harmonisation with the EU norms.  This will not only facilitate Ukraine’s access to the EU market but also improve the infrastructure projects results, costs, quality and time for implementation. 

For more details about the national vision for sustainable improvements in the transport infrastructure in Ukraine, watch the interview with Natalie Forsyuk, the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure