The volume of export of Ukrainian grain and oil cargoes will reach 44.4 million tons by the 2024/25 marketing year and it can further increase to 100 million tons, with up to 20% of this volume being transported on River Dnipro. Mykhailo Yehorov, the head of the commercial department at the Hermes Trading company, announced this at the forum "The Logistic Infrastructure of Oil Cargoes and Oil and Fat Products: Quality Issues" in Mykolaiv, the CFTS portal reports.

According to him, about 70 million tons of cargoes of various types were transported on River Dnipro before 1990, compared with the 4 million tons that are currently transported on the river, including about 1.7 million tons of grain and oil cargoes.

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"Exports of grains and oilseeds in the past three years (35-36 million tons) are distributed as follows: 60% by rail, 36% by road, and only 3% by river. There are prospects for the volumes of exports of such goods to increase to 100 million. We believe that the share of the river should increase to 20%. River Dnipro flows to the main production and processing areas, and it is necessary to take advantage of this," Yehorov said.

He also said that normal navigation on River Dnipro required dredging of the river. "According to data from Ukrvodput, the figure for the river is 3.65 meters. However, in Dniprodzerinske, it is already 3 meters and the problem of incomplete loading of river-sea ships is arising. In addition, we must take account the sandy alluvium in the Kaniv district, where dredging is also required," the Hermes-Trading representative of said.