The Belarusian River Shipping Company has transported two dewaxing reactors on barges on behalf of the Mozyr Oil Refinery. Each of the reactors has a weight of 170 tons, a length of 20.8 meters, a height of 5.25 meters, and a width of 5.1 meters.

The reactors were initially transported to Kherson from the Italian port of Orton on the Von Perle vessel. They were reloaded onto vessels belonging to the Belarusian River Shipping Company in Kherson and transported 1,100 kilometers on the Dnipro and Pripyat rivers, the CFTS portal reports, citing BRP.

The river route was covered in 12 days and completed on July 5.

As the CFTS portal reported, the Belarusian River Shipping Company recently transported two metal structures for construction of a bridge by river over a distance of 120 kilometers.