Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP) has set a record for cargo transportation for the second consecutive month. It transported 270,000 tons of cargo in In July and 290,000 tons in August.

According to the company, 26-28 caravans are constantly involved in transportation of both export of goods from Ukraine and goods between foreign ports.

"The little record that was set in July 2016 will be beaten in August. I am confident that 290,000 is not the limit of our capabilities. The current freight market allows us to reach 300,000 tons or more per month," UDP’s Deputy Board Chairman Volodymyr Zaporozhan said.

Regarding the possibility of transporting more cargo, he said this would depend on factors such as the technical condition of the company’s fleet, the idle time of its vessels (including during their unloading in the port of Constanta), falling water levels, which would increase the period taken to complete a trip and reduce the carrying capacity of its fleet.

"Our influence on the weather or the state of the market is zero or minimal, but the shipping company’s experts can and must influence the technical condition of the fleet. The technical service and other services should sharply increase the pace of preparation of cargo and traction equipment for trips (the financial capability for this exists) and improve the quality of their work," said Zaporozhan.