During negotiations in Ankara on 12-13 October, Turkey and Ukraine agreed to increase the frequency of flights on the existing routes between the two countries.

In addition, they decided to remove the restrictions on the Kyiv-Ankara route. Halyna Vinarchyk, the head of the Department of Air Transport at the Ukrainian Ministry of Transport, announced this, the CFTS reports.

"I hope that regional airports will be able to take maximum advantage of the opportunity to increase the number of flights. Thus, the total number of flights in various directions:

Kharkiv-Istanbul - 14 flights (7 added);

Vinnytsia Istanbul - 9 flights (2 added);

Zaporizhia-Istanbul - 14 flights (7 added);

Lviv-Istanbul - 14 flights (7 added);

Kherson-Istanbul - 10 flights (3 added)," Vinarchyk wrote on her Facebook page.