The Altcom company has won a tender for reconstruction of section R8 (Rumaila – Basra and Rumaila – Safwan) of Iraq’s Highway No. 1, the Ukrinform news agency reports. The tender was organizer by the Iraqi Ministry Housing and Construction.

The project is being implemented with a loan provided by the World Bank under a project for creation of transport corridors. Section R8 of the highway consists of two branches in southern Iraq: Rumaila – Basra (31 kilometers, from the 471st to the 502nd kilometer) and Rumaila – Safwan (81 kilometers, from the 471st to the 552nd kilometer).

The total length of the highway is 112 kilometers. The highway has six lanes, a dividing strip, and curbs in both directions. Part of the highway is equipped for emergency take-off and landing of airplanes.

According to Altcom’s Board Chairman Oleksandr Tislenko, this contract constitutes nearly 20% of Ukraine’s total exports to Iraq this year.

The project for restoration of the Highway No. 1 was performed by Dorsch Consult Consulting Engineers (Munich, Germany) in collaboration with Al-Khazen Consulting Engineers and includes repair of the road tarmac, construction of new sections, repair and creation of braking and acceleration lanes, sidewalks, installation of street lighting, and other types of work. The highway segment is characterized by the presence of clay and sand dunes. A number of oil pipelines cross the road. The period of implementation of the project is three years. The value of the contract is USD 85.8 million.