The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has officially appealed to the European Commission to increase the economic pressure on the Russian Federation and Belarus, the CFTS portal reports.

Despite the restrictive measures that have already been introduced, Russian businesses are finding workarounds and continuing to conduct operations in other countries, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure stated in the appeal. Accordingly, according to the ministry, the existing sanctions are not fully achieving their goal.

In connection with this, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure proposed the following to the European Union:

- close all land and sea transport routes to Russia and Belarus;

- ban the transportation of goods and people to Russia and Belarus through the territory of the European Union and across its borders;

- prohibit the provision of customs services involving goods being delivered to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

According to the ministry, these measures are necessary to stop the supply of dual-use goods that can be used for military purposes to Russia.

As reported, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has called on the European Union to close all its ports to Russian and Russian-related companies and close its automobile roads to Russian and Belarusian carriers.