Ukraine is preparing a lawsuit in connection with the restriction of shipping in the Kerch Strait because of the construction of a bridge to the Crimea by Russia. This was announced by Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yurii Lavreniuk.

The issue of the construction of the Kerch bridge was raised at a meeting between Lavreniuk and representatives of trade unions of sea and river ports. Lavreniuk said: "We are currently solving this problem together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Security and Defense Council. It is a global, political, and complex issue, but we will definitely resolve it." The Ministry of Justice separates the problem of closure of the Kerch Canal and imposition of shipping restrictions from the existing lawsuits against Russia. A lawsuit is currently being prepared and the losses of profits by the Mariupol and Berdyansk ports being calculated."

As reported, Russia is preparing a decision on the basis of which shipping in the Kerch Strait will be banned. A ban on the movement of ships and vessels on 3-6, 8-10, 14-21, and 28-31 August, as well as on 1-4 September 2017 is being proposed.

In addition, according to a letter from the captain of the Kerch seaport dated 24 May, the following restrictions have been imposed on the dimensions of vessel passing under the bridge in the Kerch Strait’s sea section: a length of 160 meters, a width of 31 meters, a draft of 8 meters, a surface dimension (the distance from the operating waterline to the outer point of the mast) of 33 meters.