Ukraine would consider allowing Russian ammonia to transit its territory for export on condition the newly renewed Black Sea Grain Initiative is expanded to include more Ukrainian ports and a wider range of commodities, the Reuters news agency reports, citing a Ukrainian government source.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Latifundist publication.

According to Reuters, the government source said the text that was agreed on Wednesday made no mention of the Togliatti - Odesa ammonia pipeline and ammonia transit and that a further agreement would be needed if the Ukraine route is to be covered. According to the source, Ukraine would make demands in return.

"We say the following: if it (the deal) includes an ammonia pipeline, then Ukraine should get some additional things that will serve our national interests. That is, the expansion of the agreement's geography and the list of goods (for export via the grain corridor). Then that could serve the interests of our country," Reuters quoted the source as saying.