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Russian Missile Hits Civilian Vessel Entering Ukrainian Port

A pilot was killed, and three sailors were injured.

Attacks By Russian Occupiers Destroy 70% Of City Buses And 50% Of Trams In Kharkiv

In addition, 35 kilometers of overhead wires and almost half of all the city’s roads have been damaged.

Batch Of Stolen Ukrainian Reinforcing Bars Delivered To Port Of Rostov-On-Don

This is the second time that the Russian occupiers have shipped this type of cargo from the port of Mariupol.

Nova Post showed photos of trucks from the destroyed terminal in Kharkiv, in which BMPs were allegedly hidden

From The Beginning Of 2023 About 12 Ships With Stolen Cargo Left The Port Of Mariupol

Ships of the "river-sea" class with a maximum load of 5,000 tons enter the port.

Another Enemy Attack On Odesa: Marine Terminal Damaged And Grain Storage Facilities Destroyed

A fire broke out near the marine terminal in a hotel building that had been out of use for several years, and it was quickly extinguished.

Russia Destroys Or Damages 105 Ukrainian Port Infrastructure Facilities In 2 Months

Ukrainian Troops Remove Russian Reconnaissance Equipment From ‘Boiko Tower’

Special forces conducted an operation to dismantle radar equipment from a drilling rig in the Black Sea.

Mercedes-Benz Delivers Over 100 Zetros Off-Road Trucks To Ukraine

The vehicles were delivered for Ukrainian military support and logistics operations.

Businesses To Help Military Acquire Equipment To Counter Attacks On Ports

The aim is to build capacity to protect ports and other critical infrastructure.

In The Port Of Izmail, 13 Thousand Tons Of Grain Were Destroyed As A Result Of An Attack By Russian Drones

Agricultural products were destined for Egypt and Romania.

Russia Should Be Deprived Of Its Fleet On The Black Sea After The War With Ukraine, - Opinion

It is also necessary to move in the direction of creating new regional Black Sea organizations without the participation of the Russian Federation.

Romanian Foreign Ministry Condemns Russian Attacks On Ukrainian Ports On River Danube

Romania believes that Russia's actions jeopardize the safety of navigation in the Black Sea.

Another Ship Loaded With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Leaves Mariupol Port

Ship traffic out of the port has accelerated to about one every three days.

Delivery Of Czech Trains To Latvia Delayed Due To War In Ukraine

According to the manufacturer, the Škoda electric trains were planned to be tested in Ukraine.

Russian Drones Again Attacked Ukrainian Ports On The Danube

Russia is methodically destroying the port infrastructure of Ukraine.

Ukraine Declares Russia’s Black Sea Ports Unsafe For Shipping

This is essentially a step to block Russian ports in response to Russia's pirate activities in the region.

Russians Attack UDP Office, Port Terminal, And Oil Terminal In Izmail Port

An elevator, grain hangars, and tanks at a cargo terminal were also damaged or destroyed.

First Line Of Water Pipeline To Kryvyi Rih To Be Launched In August

About a million Ukrainians have been experiencing water-supply interruptions because of the explosion of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant’s dam, with water being delivered to some settlements by tankers.

Russian Occupiers Export Another Batch Of Stolen Metal From Mariupol Port

The occupiers painted over the name of the vessel used, although observations and traffic analysis show that it is the Mezhdurechensk vessel.

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