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Great Britain has granted Ukrainian-based Constanta Airline a third-country air operator’s certificate (UK TCO Authorization No. UK-TCO-2022-0979-0001), which allows it to operate flights in British airspace.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Biznes Censor publication.

The permission to operate flights in British airspace applies to all the aircraft in the airline's fleet.

As a result of the certification, Constanta Airline received the permission to operate flights in the United Kingdom, the permission to operate flights with intermediate stops in the United Kingdom to increase the potential range of its flights, and the approval of its compliance with the safety requirements for flights to/from the United Kingdom, which simplifies the procedure for obtaining permission to operate flights in other countries.

The company has already announced plans to expand its air cargo charter operations into new markets, particularly in hard-to-reach regions of the world with unfavorable and dangerous conditions, where the company's aircraft have a significant advantage over their foreign counterparts.

"Obtaining a Third Country Operator Certificate is of added importance given the scale of current and future volumes of Western aid to Ukraine and the associated need for extensive logistics to deliver it. Our fleet of aircraft can help deliver humanitarian aid from the United Kingdom or in transit through this country for Ukraine's victory," said Roman Mileshko, owner of Constanta Airlines.

Constanta Airline’s core business is providing air support for peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, disaster relief operations under the auspices of global international organizations, and government programs in hard-to-reach areas.