Ukrainian-made components such as signaling systems, coupling devices, and fire safety systems will initially be installed on locomotives intended for the Ukrainian Railways joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia) under the contract for supply of Alstom electric locomotives to the company, which is expected to be signed in the near future.

Alstom’s Managing Director for Central and Eastern Europe Antonio Moreno announced this in an interview with URM, the CFTS portal reports.

"To begin with, we would like to localize the signaling system, coupling devices, and fire safety systems, starting with the first locomotive. This list may be significantly expanded to include wheels, front fairings, batteries, etc. during implementation of the project. The more components of Ukrainian origin we can source the better. They may be used not only for the Ukrainian market, but also for Alstom’s global contracts," said Moreno.

He placed a special emphasis on Ukrainian signaling systems. “We have a team of Ukrainian engineers working in the area of signaling systems. We design them there. I do not know how to pronounce the name of the city in which they are based. They design signaling systems for the railroad in Ukraine and export markets. The know-how exists there, and it needs to be developed together. We are looking forward impatiently to the time when this project will be implemented," he said.

In previous comments to the CFTS portal, Moreno said that the first 10 locomotives for Ukrzaliznytsia would be manufactured in France and that the transfer of the technology to Ukraine would begin with the 11th locomotive. He added that the level of involvement of Ukrainian enterprises in production would depend on the enterprises themselves and the extent to which they met the relevant requirements. "This is a complex task that requires the introduction of new processes and more efficient production technologies. It is necessary to set new requirements for quality standardization, certification, and ID systems. This is what we are planning to do. Regarding localization, it takes time and effort to develop supply chains and completely upgrade the quality of investments," he said.

Asked by a CFTS journalist whether 35% localization of production of electric locomotives in Ukraine will be achieved as early as the first stage, Moreno said, “This is stipulated in the contract that we plan to sign. We will fulfill our obligation, and our obligation is to reach 35%. We will act as stipulated in the contract."

However, he did not specify how long it would take to achieve this target.