Ukrainian businessman Viktor Polischuk, the owner of the Mikhailivsky bank and the Eldorado chain, has expressed interest in reconstruction of the Cherkassy airport after inspecting it. The Interfax Ukraine news agency reported this, citing the press service of the Cherkasy regional administration.

According to the report, the Cherkassy airport has been a regional property for five years. It has an international status and valid airport and aviation security certificates. Its runway is capable of receiving all types of aircraft weighing up to 190 tons, and the runway has a length of 2.5 kilometers.

"Preliminarily, about UAH 100 million is necessary for the airport to resume operation. It is necessary to repair everything here, including the runway. It does not even have an automatic landing system and navigation lighting aid. However, the location is truly magnificent in terms of logistics. This airport definitely has a future," Polischuk is quoted as saying.

According to the investor, all the necessary work at the airport can be performed in six months and he has reached agreement with the regional authorities to further perform a careful study of the project.