The "Dnipro" motor ship, which is owned by the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP), performed 25 cruises and transported 3,308 tourists during the past season. The number of cruises originally planned for the season was 10.

BigXtra Touristik GmbH, which is the company that chartered the motor ship, twice prolonged the vessel’s navigation season because of its popularity with tourists, the UDP said.

According to the company, data from the tourist website indicates that passengers on UDP’s motor ships “consistently occupy high positions in tourist review ratings.” According to Sanli Eker, a representative of BigXtra Touristik GmbH, this phenomenon is attributable to the structural features of the vessels, namely the availability of open decks and a stern bar, as well as the level of service provided by the vessel’s crew.

As the CFTS previously reported, the The Donau Touristik company (Austria) has chartered the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company’s Volga motor ship for 2018. The Volga motor ship will perform seven-day trips on the Passau-Budapest-Passau and Passau-Vienna-Passau routes from June 16 until the end of August. The motor ship’s passengers will be bicycle tourists.

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company reported a net profit of UAH 11.99 million for the period of January-September 2017, which is 40% less than its profit in the corresponding period of 2016. The company’s net revenue increased by 30% to UAH 590 million in the period of January-September 2017.