Ukrainian shunting locomotives stolen from the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine will be repaired in Belarus.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Belarusian Community of Railway Workers.

It is assumed that locomotives operated at enterprises in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) are currently being repaired in Belarus.

"In essence, the Belarusian company that provides services involving the performance of this type of work is aiding the separatist regime that has established itself on the territory of Ukraine’s Donetsk region, which is under the control of the current Russian authorities," the community said.

According to the community, for example, five diesel locomotives of the series TGM1-2626, TGM6-524, TGM6-2105, TGM6-2135, and TEM2-2045, which are traveling from the Yenakiieve station (Donetsk region) as part of a freight train, are expected to be overhauled in Vawkavysk (Belarus).

These diesel locomotives are used to perform operations at the Yenakiieve steel plant, the ownership and management of which have been transferred illegally from Metinvest Holding to people positioning themselves as representatives of the so-called DPR authorities.

LLC IK Locomotive Service, which is based in the city of Lida (Belarus), undertook to perform the repair works. However, according to online counterparty verification services, this company is a car service station.

"The question remains how LLC IK Locomotive Service intends to repair the Donetsk locomotives in Belarus. It obviously plans to use the locomotive facilities at the Lida depot and in Vawkavysk for this purpose. That is where the diesel locomotives are headed. The following question then arises: how was such a major event coordinated with the Belarusian railway?" the community wrote.

According to the community, these locomotive depots have their own repair program that they are obliged to follow, and repairing foreign diesel locomotives will only increase the backlog of maintenance and repair work on the Belarusian Railway’s registered fleet of rolling stock.

"In any case, the situation involving the repair of locomotives from the Donetsk region on the territory of Belarus during a war between Ukraine and Russia is very similar to the situation involving the deployment of the Russian army on Belarusian territory," the community wrote.