Ukrainian seaports handled 60.469 million tons of cargo in January-May, which is 0.8 percent more than they handled in the same period last year. The press service of the Administration of seaports of Ukraine announced this in a statement. As reported, the volume of cargo handling at seaports reduced by more than 1 percent in the first four months of the year.

The biggest increase was in transshipment of coastal cargoes, which increased 9.6-fold to 2.406 million tons. Transshipment of imported cargo also increased by 38.6 percent to 8.243 million tons. Transshipment of export cargo reduced by 5 percent to 41.211 million tons and transshipment of transit cargo reduced by 17.2 percent to 8.609 million tons.

The volume of container handling at seaports totaled 209,262 TEU, which is 29.5 percent less than the volume in January-May last year.

At the same time, ports in mainland Ukraine increased transshipment by 4.4 percent. In particular, state port operators managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure handled 21.779 million tons (36 percent of the total volume). Other port operators (mostly privately owned) handled 38.690 million tons (64 percent of the total) at all berths. Out of these, port operators (mainly private) handled 20.180 million tons (33 percent of the total) at berths belonging to the Administration of seaports of Ukraine.