The Ukrposhta state postal enterprise plans to intensify cooperation with Chinese online stores. To this end, the national postal operator plans to accelerate the delivery of parcels from China to Ukraine and attract the transit parcels that are currently going through other European countries. Ukrposhta’s First Deputy General Director Oleksandr Pertsovskyi announced this at an informal meeting with the press on Tuesday, 13 September, the CFTS portal reports.

According to Pertsovskyi, Ukrposhta and China Post are holding negotiations on reduction of the period of delivery of parcels. The Chinese market is very promising to the Ukrainian operator, he said.

In addition, Ukrposhta expects to attract parcels being transported on transit from China to Europe. "We are looking towards transit opportunities. Many European postal operators currently pick up parcels from China and subsequently send them to us and to other postal markets," Pertsovskyi said. According to him, a large proportion of the parcels that currently go from China to Europe, including Ukraine, go through Estonia. As a result, the Ukrainian postal operator loses profits.

According to Ukrposhta’s General Director Ihor Smelianskyi, for many small countries neighboring Ukraine – such as Belarus, Georgia and others – it is not profitable to transport their own parcels from China. These countries can become potential customers of the Ukrainian postal operator.

"Next to us are several countries such as Belarus and Georgia, which cannot do this (establish delivery of parcels from China) themselves. Accordingly, this flow will go through some country – Ukraine, Russia, or Estonia. A competition is currently underway. The country that offers the best, fastest, and adequate conditions will win," Smelianskyi said.