The Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company’s head Wojciech Balczun considers increasing the company’s efficiency as his priority. Balczun announced this during a meeting at the American Chamber of Commerce, the CFTS correspondent reports.

The second issue on which Balczun focused was modernization. "Efficiency is directly related to modernization. We must develop a new strategy for modernization of rolling stock. We currently have a shortage of 10,000 railcars, and this is a big problem," Balczun said.

The third issue on which Ukrzaliznytsia will focus is restructuring. "We need to separate basic operational processes. In addition, it is necessary to get rid of non-core assets. If we want a modern Ukrzaliznytsia, we need to change something. We do not need hotels, hospitals, sports clubs, etc. We need to focus on the sources of income from our core business," Balczun said.