The Ukrainian Railways public joint-stock company (PJSC Ukrainian Railways) intends to upgrade its fleet of freight and passenger cars next year. The company’s acting Board Chairman Oleksandr Zavhorodnyi announced this during a press conference, the CFTS correspondent reports.

"Under the plan that we have developed, 3,300 freight gondola cars are expected to be purchased in 2016. Private investors want to build about 3,500 grain carriers and we ourselves plan to build about 1,500 grain carriers. Within our company, there are three railcar repair plants that can build such rolling stock," he said.

In addition, according to him, purchase of two electric trains produced by the Kryukov Railcar Building Works and two produced by the Hyundai company is being considered. "In addition, we have held talks with all the major companies engaging in construction of rolling stock over a period of three months, and creation and modernization of the locomotive fleet and long-distance passenger fleet will begin in 2016 if funding is obtained," he added.

According to Zavhorodnyi, if Hyundai Rotem trains are purchased, they will be upgraded to operate to meet Ukrainian railway requirements to ensure that there are no problems with their operation.