The net profit of the State Railway Administration (Ukrzaliznytsia) reduced 3.1-fold to UAH 516.556 million in the period of January-June 2013, compared with the corresponding period of 2012. Ukrzaliznytsia’s sales revenue reduced by 9.7% to UAH 23.914 million during this period. The Interfax Ukraine news agency reported this, citing Ukrzaliznytsia’s consolidated financial statements.

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According to the financial statement, Ukrzaliznytsia’s revenue from freight transportation reduced by 12.3% to UAH 18.36 billion while its revenue from passenger transportation increased by 6.1% to UAH 3.214 billion during the first half of the year.

However, the section of the financial statement analyzing the administration’s operations contains slightly different figures: operating profit from cargo transportation reduced by 24.4% to UAH 6.792 billion of in January-June 2013.

The operating loss from long-distance passenger transportation reduced by 14.8% to UAH 569.219 million and its operating loss from suburban transportation increased by 7% to UAH 1.374 billion.

Ukrzaliznytsia’s operating profit from ancillary operations increased by 18.2% to UAH 1.747 billion. Its operating profit in January-June reduced by 30% to UAH 2.31 billion.

According to the document, bank loans obtained by Ukrzaliznytsia amounted to UAH 11.787 billion and the money it raised from bond issues amounted to UAH 3.04 billion in January-June 2013. In general, the amount of interest-bearing loans and borrowings by Ukrzaliznytsia amounted to UAH 19.093 billion in January-June 2013.

As reported, the net profit of Ukrzaliznytsia reduced 2.6-fold to UAH 802.76 million in 2012.