Vale International (Brazil) has proposed that the management of the Izmail seaport participate in a logistics scheme for supply of iron ore to steel plants in Eastern Europe, the press service of the Izmail seaport has announced.

The goods are expected to be delivered to a Romanian fleet and then transshipped into railcars in the Izmail seaport for transportation to Kosice (Slovakia) and other steel plants in Europe. The volume of Brazilian iron ore that is expected to the transshipped is up to half a million tons per year.

Experts with the Izmail seaport initiated negotiations in late June with a view to optimizing the process of transshipment of goods and transportation of raw materials to ArcelorMittal Galati. Representatives of the company have arrived in Izmail to participate in this project.

In particular, the port was visited by the executive director of the Romanian shipping company TTS (Transport Trade Services) S.A., Dan Stefan, and the director of its steel division, Razvan Banik. The general director of the largest transshipment complex for raw goods in the port of Constanta, S.C. COMVEX S.A., Viorel Panait, and a representative of the Romanian shipping company Navrom, Igor Roman, also participated in the negotiations. In addition, Vale International’s Sales Director Jean Sebastien Olivier and Technical Director Fabio Meyrink visited the port.

According to the press service of the Izmail seaport, the Romanian division of the company has now become a priority because of the relatively stable water levels in this part of River Danube and the rapid fleet turnover.