Press release on the VI EuroTrain International Partner Conference: "Modern Rolling Stock: Priorities, Innovations, and Prospects"

The VI EuroTrain International Partner Conference "Modern Rolling Stock: Priorities, Innovations, and Prospects" will be held in Odesa from 06 to 11 June 2016.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company are organizing the conference at the initiative of the Rolling Stock information agency and with the support of the Scientific and Technical Society of Ukrainian Railroad Workers, the Lazarian Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukrzaliznytsia’s NIKTI subsidiary, and the Odesa city council.

Significant support has been provided by the conference’s partners – the Zeppelin Power Systems (Germany), Flaig + Hommel GmbH Verbindungselemente (Germany), and Amsted Rail Company, Inc. (United States). The official media partners of the conference are the international professional journals Lokomotiv Inform and Railcar Fleet (Ukraine), the Ukrainian Zalіznytsia international technical and business journal, the Centre for Transport strategies (Ukraine), the international journal Railvolution (Czech Republic), and the International Railway Journal (United States).

The conference will be attended by representatives of PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the railways of Kazakhstan, Germany, Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, the United States, France, and other countries, the heads of railway engineering and private enterprises in related industries, leading scientists from educational and research institutions in the participating countries, and leading industry media.

The conference’s panel consists of Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure N. P. Snitko, the Odesa Railway’s head G. A. Boiko, the Belarusian Railway’s deputy head V. V. Balakhonov, the Rolling Stock information agency’s Editor-in-Chief V. A. Sychev, and the Odesa region’s Governor M. N. Saakashvili.

Development of the market of transport services is one of the priority areas of development of the Ukrainian economy. The issues of transportation of passengers and goods with new, energy-efficient, low-cost, and comfortable rolling stock and upgrade of the existing fleet of railway and industrial rolling stock to European standards are very urgent in this context.

Reduction of operating costs, improvement of environmental and ergonomic qualities, and increase of service life must be ensured during creation of all types of rolling stock while increase of speed, greater comfort, and improvement of the culture and quality of service should be ensured during creation of passenger rolling stock. It is also necessary to implement a number of measures aimed at bringing railway infrastructure in accordance with the specifications of new rolling stock in order to ensure transportation of passengers and cargoes at maximum speed and weight while strictly ensuring transport safety.

All these require revitalization of the work to join the efforts government agencies and private companies aimed at upgrading railway rolling stock and ensuring that interested business entities maintain an adequate level of awareness of issues of participation in public-private partnerships, which are the focus of the conference.

Participants in the conference will discuss these issues in seven sections:

 • Design and construction of modern railway rolling stock.

 • Operation and maintenance of rolling stock: realities and prospects.

 • Overhaul and modernization as a way to maintain the reliability and optimization of upgrade of rolling stock.

 • Management of rolling stock within the framework of railway industry reform.

 • Development of control and technical diagnostics systems during transition to operation of rolling stock with allowances made for its actual technical condition.

 • Innovative solutions for the railway rolling stock: practice, results of implementation.

 • Standardization and certification in rail transport.

About 150 people will attend the conference. More than 30 papers will be presented and more than 80 authors will make presentations on creation, upgrade, and repair of rolling stock at the conference. Innovative designs for rail transport will also be presented. Abstracts from these papers are included in the official catalog that will be published ahead of the conference.

Further details about the event – the list of participants and delegations, draft decisions, and other documents – are available on the official website of the Rolling Stock information agency: 

Contacts for the media:

Olga Salashchenko, mobile tel.: +38 096 251 4977

Alexander Gaidukova, mobile tel.: +38 099 652 5958