Wizz Air, a Hungarian low-cost airline, has announced that it will close its base in Prague on June 14 this year and end six of its nine flights from Prague, continuing only the flights to London-Luton, Bari, and Kutaisi. The airline’s Airbus A320 aircraft that is currently based in the capital of the Czech Republic will be transferred to the airline’s new base in Vienna (Austria), the CFTS portal the reports.

“Wizz Air is constantly evaluating its routes and services so that it can offer the lowest possible prices and best service on board one of the youngest fleets in Europe. After careful consideration, we decided to adjust the Czech flight plan and shift capacity to other Wizz Airlines with higher demand," Wizz Air’s business director George Michalopoulos said.

The Wizz Air airline opened the base in Prague in 2009. The carrier flew to the following destinations from the capital of the Czech Republic in the past year: London-Luton, Bari, Kutaisi, Reykjavik, Milan-Bergamo, Venice-Treviso, Naples, Tel Aviv, and Eilat.

The closure of the base in Prague is the third base closure that Wizz Air has announced in recent months. Wizz Air announced in November 2017 that it would close its base in Lublin (Poland), which is located 90 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, in June 2018. The carrier will end flights from this airport to a number of destinations, including Tel Aviv, Liverpool, and Doncaster-Sheffield. The Airbus A320 that is based in Lublin will be moved to the Katowice airport. This will allow the airline to launch flights from Katowice to Kharkiv. Wizz Air will also close its base in Targu Mures (Romania) in June 2018. 

Wizz Air discontinued flights to another Czech airport (Brno) in early January. The carrier performed the last flight to London-Luton Airport on January 8. Wizz Air began flying to this destination in December 2010. The low-cost airline also flew from Brno to Rome-Fiumicino and Eindhoven. These routes were closed even earlier: Rome-Fiumicino in October 2012 and Eindhoven in October 2017. One of the reasons for stopping flights to Brno was the decision by local authorities to establish a joint venture with the Romanian low-cost airline Blue Air.