The Wizz Air Ukraine limited liability company (Kiev) is neither confirming nor denying reports that it is negotiating with the state-owned Boryspil international airport on a possible return to the airport.

"We are constantly in dialogue with service providers with the aim of finding the best offers and, consequently, the possibility of offering low fares to passengers," the airline company’s General Director Akos Bus told the Center for Transport Strategies.

As reported, the Boryspil airport’s General Director Oleksii Kochanov recently said that the airport was in talks with Wizz Air Ukraine on a possible return to the airport. At the same time, Denys Kostrzhevskyi, the head of the board of directors of Wizz Air Ukraine’s current base airport – the Kiev (Zhulyany) airport – suggested that the dialogue was far from over.

Wizz Air Ukraine is part of the Wizz Air group of companies, and it currently operates three Airbus 320 aircraft. The airline company is based at the Kiev (Zhulyany) airport, accounting for about 50% of the airport’s passenger traffic.