Yuzhny Port Increases Cargo Handling To 3 Million Tons And To Realize UAH 770-million Investment Project

28 March 2017 10:23

State enterprises "Sea Commercial Port "Yuzhny" increased cargo handling by 990 thousand tons (+51%) to 2.943 million tons in January-March 2017, compared with the fourth quarter 2016, according to data of the enterprise.

Since the beginning of the year the state enterprise has processed 41 vessels, that is 22% more than three months earlier. Besides, Yuzhny port significantly increased the income from towing operations, providing a 30-percent increase compared to the previous quarter.

The volume of export cargo made up 75% of the total turnover (2.2 million tons), import cargoes – 19% (570 thousand tons). Bulk cargoes amounted to 98.4% in total cargo turnover in the first quarter. Transshipment volume of iron ore was the largest - 2.13 million tons (72%), and coal was the second one – 625 thousand tons (21%), share of general  and other cargoes was 6%.

The largest cargo turnover of Yuzhny port (93%) was provided by SCM Group owing to export of iron ore and import of coking coal, supplied from the U.S. coal mines of Metinvest which is a part of Group.

"The company has been steadily increasing its cargo turnover since the beginning of 2017. The main task of the port for today is competitiveness improvement  and further increase of transshipment volumes. Thereto, we will launch a terminal development project for thermal and coking coal import and iron ore export in the current year", Vitaly Zhukovsky, acting director of the SE "Sea Commercial Port "Yuzhny", said.

The project provides construction of a car dumpers with defrosters for winter work, new belt conveyors, stackers and shiploaders. The enterprise, in compliance with the best world practices, intends to attract investors: operators with world-wide experience in managing port capacities and cargo owners to provide the terminal cargo base. The investment amount suggested to exceed UAH 770 million this year.

Yuzhny port is a universal non-freezing seaport in Odesa region, one of the largest in Black Sea.  Port specialization is dry bulk and general cargo transported by ocean, railway and road transport. Six port berthes capable to accept vessels of 200 thousand t and more DWT. Annual port capacity is 16 million t.

State enterprise "Sea Commercial Port "Yuzhny" operates one of the three largest domestic terminals for transshipment of import thermal coal. Cargo turnover of coal amounted 2.08 million tons in 2016.