The Yuzhny State Stevedoring Company transshipped 1.542 million tons of cargo in August 2019, which constitutes 163% of the target for the month.

This is stated in operational data from the Yuzhny State Stevedoring Company, the CFTS portal reports.

The seaport’s cargo turnover increased by 827,000 tons or 219%, compared with last year. The main cargoes handled by the seaport were iron ore, coking coal, and steam coal.

The seaport handled 1.162 million tons of iron ore, 126,000 tons of imported coking coal, and 75,000 tons of steam coal. In addition, the seaport handled 72,000 tons of hot briquetted iron, about 50,000 tons of grain and grain byproducts, and 40,000 tons of imported mineral fertilizer.

The Yuzhny seaport continues to increase the pace of cargo transshipment. The seaport has handled more than 1 million cargoes per month since March, which exceeds its target and its 2018 transshipment volume. Compared with last year, the seaport’s cargo turnover increased by 1.5 million tons.

"The state stevedore unloaded and the first batch (75,000 tons) of thermal coal and sent it to thermoelectric power plants in August. We expect the next bulk carrier carrying imported coal to arrive in mid-September," the seaport said.

“Four vessels are currently being processed simultaneously in the berths in which the Yuzhny commercial seaport operates. The total cargo volume in the bulk carriers is 275,000 tons. More than 600,000 tons of cargo has been stored in the state stevedore’s warehouses, which is in line with the operating requirements and standards for production sites,” the Yuzhny seaport’s acting Director Anatolii Yablunivskyi said.

As reported earlier, the Yuzhny seaport handled 1.312 million tons of cargo in July 2019. This exceeded the target by 40.2%.