The state-owned Yuzhny seaport transshipped 1.312 million tons of cargo in July 2019, which exceeded its target for the month by 376,000 tons or 40.2%, the CFTS portal reports. This figure is 24.8% higher than the figure for July last year.

"So, 882,000 tons of export goods, 214,700 tons of transit and cabotage goods, and 215,000 tons of import goods were shipped. During the month, 19,724 gondola cars and 22 vessels were processed," the seaport said.

The increase in transshipment volumes was due to an increase in the number of vessels with ore and imported coking coal. Iron-ore products accounted for 67% of the seaport’s total turnover.

"In addition, 160,000 tons of imported coking coal, 60,000 tons of mineral fertilizers, and 28,000 tons of grain and grain byproducts were handled," the port added.

As reported, the Yuzhny seaport handled 1.279 million tons of cargo in June 2019, which exceeded the target for the month by 314,000 tons or 33% and exceeded the volume in June last year by 176,000 tons or 16%.

The seaport has handled 7.9 million tons of cargo since the beginning of this year, including 5.7 million tons of export cargoes (ore, cast iron, nickel ore, clay, and mineral fertilizers). The volume of imported coking coal handled by the port is 878,000 tons or 75% of the total volume of the imported cargo it handled.

As the CFTS portal reported earlier, the Yuzhny port handled almost 1.3 million tons of cargo in June 2019. This figure exceeded the target by 33%.