The state-owned Yuzhny commercial seaport handled 11.2 million tons of cargo in the first 11 months of 2018, which is 5.4% more than it handled in the corresponding period of 2017. The seaport announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the statement, export cargoes accounted for more than 72% of the total volume of cargo handled by the seaport during this period, import cargoes accounted for about 20%, and transit and coastal cargoes accounted for 8%.

"The volume of transshipment of export cargo increased by 3.7% to 8 million tons, compared with the figures for 2017. The volume of transshipment of cast iron tripled to 405,200 tons, compared with last year. In December, 2.24 million tons of coal was shipped for metallurgical and energy enterprises," the statement said.

The seaport has transshipped 6.31 million tons of iron ore, 1.74 million tons of coking coal, 1.34 million tons of pig iron, and 953,000 tons of transit and coastal cargoes since the beginning of this year.

According to the statement, 505,500 tons of thermal coal was shipped to Ukrainian thermal power plants. Shipments of leguminous goods and their byproducts totaled 240,400 tons. It also shipped 111,000 tons of metal products, soda, clay, and lumber.

"Since the beginning of this year, the state-owned seaport has handled 198 vessels (+15%), half of which is are large-capacity vessels (41 Panamax bulk carriers, 50 Capesize-type ships, and 3 Newcastlemax bulk carriers) and handled about 160,000 gondola cars (+7.7%)," the statement said.

As the CFTS portal reported earlier, the Yuzhny seaport exceeded its transshipment target in October.