The Minister of Infrastructure’s order No. 307 of October 23 approved Hennadii Zhukov as the director of the state-owned Odessa merchant seaport, the press service of the port has announced.

Zhukov assumed the post of director of the seaport on October 25. He was presented to the staff of port on the same day.

Zhukov was born in Vilkovo (Odessa region) in 1968. At various times he was a foreman at a dock at the Ukraina ship repair yard in Odessa, a mechanic for the Odessa port’s fleet, the deputy head of the port’s fleet service (2008-2013), and the head of the port’s fleet service (2013). He was the acting director of the Odessa seaport until his appointment as director.

As reported, the strategic assets (water bodies, marinas, etc.) that were part of the 18 state-owned merchant seaports were separated during the reform of the Ukrainian port sector and transformed into affiliates of the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine. At the same time, state-owned stevedoring enterprises were established at ports, and these enterprises now focus only on processing and attract cargo.