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Russians Steal Two Vessels Moored In Mariupol Port Before Invasion

The occupiers are not releasing or returning the vessels Blue Star I and Smarta to their owners.

Russian Occupiers Simultaneously Loading 3 Commercial Vessels In Mariupol Port

The Occupiers Want To Increase The Production Of Clay And Limestone In The Captured Territories Of Donetsk Region

Mariupol port can be used to export stolen raw materials from temporarily occupied territories.

From The Beginning Of 2023 About 12 Ships With Stolen Cargo Left The Port Of Mariupol

Ships of the "river-sea" class with a maximum load of 5,000 tons enter the port.

Russian Occupiers Increase Number Of Ships Exporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Mariupol Port

The vessels are immediately sent to a roadstead for transshipment.

Another Ship Loaded With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Leaves Mariupol Port

Ship traffic out of the port has accelerated to about one every three days.

Russian Occupiers Export Another Batch Of Stolen Metal From Mariupol Port

The occupiers painted over the name of the vessel used, although observations and traffic analysis show that it is the Mezhdurechensk vessel.

Occupiers Cutting Up Railcars In Mariupol And Sending Them To Donetsk

The cut-up railcars are being sent for melting.

Satellite Images Show Scale Of Russian Theft Of Ukrainian Metal In Mariupol

The occupiers have stolen USD 25 million worth of hot-rolled metal coils from the Mariupol port's warehouses in one year.

Russian Vessel Returns To Occupied Mariupol Port To Export Ukrainian Grain

The vessel's identification system was turned off near the port.

Russian Occupiers Accumulating Naval Vessels In Mariupol Port

The so-called Azov Navy will be created with vessels from the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla.

Russian Occupiers Begin Clearing Railway Track From Mariupol Port To Train Station

According to an advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, the Russians have decided to use the port to supply weapons to the Volnovakha - Vuhledar line.

Ship With Disabled Transponder Enters Occupied Mariupol Port To Load Ukrainian Grain

The Mezhdurechensk ship has moored at a pier, waiting for grain to be delivered for loading.

Russians Ship Another Batch Of Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Mariupol Port

Russians Begin Exporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain Through Mariupol Seaport

Previously, the occupiers used the seaport mostly for shipping stolen metal products.

Another Russian Ship That Transported Stolen Metal Arrives In Mariupol Seaport

The Russians plan to begin transshipping stolen grain and sunflower seeds through the port in May.

Russians Export Another Batch Of Stolen Metal From Mariupol Port

A river/sea vessel from Rostov-on-Don entered the port.

Russia Turning Mariupol Railway Station And Port Into Major Hub For Exporting Stolen Grain

Russia will also use it as a military logistics hub.

Russian Occupiers Add Mariupol And Berdiansk Seaports To Russian Register Of Seaports

Russia also plans to add the navigable section of the waterways in the Kherson region to the List of Russian inland waterways.

Photographs Showing State Of Mariupol Railway Station After Arrival Of Russian Invaders Published

The occupiers plan to demolish some of the buildings around the station and expand its area.

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