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Russia Attacks Odesa Port Area With Iranian Drones

In addition, it previously attacked the port infrastructures in Mykolaiv and Ochakiv.

Second Case Of Russian Use Of Iranian UAVs In Ukraine Confirmed

The wreckage of the drone was found after an attack on Nikopol.

Iran To Pay Compensation For Downed UIA Airliner

The Iranian authorities have expressed their willingness to pay compensation for the downing of the passenger airliner, but they believe that resolution of the issue will take time.

UIA Terminates Lease Agreement For Three Boeing 737 МАХ Airliners

The aircraft were built back in the spring of 2019.

Iran Admits It Shot Down UIA Passenger Airliner

The president of Ukraine has insisted that Iran fully admit responsibility.

Infrastructure Ministry Announces Two Options For Cargo Logistics On Persian Gulf-Black Sea Route

Iran is negotiating with Azerbaijan and Georgia on two temporary cargo routes

Ukraine Agrees To Launch Test Train To Iran

The train could depart as early as next summer.

Persian Gulf - Black Sea Route: Iran Sends Draft Agreement To Ukraine

The two sides reiterated their mutual interest in development of multimodal transportation between Europe and Asia

Ukrzaliznytsia To Send 27 Railway Workers To Work In Iran

Ukrainian railwaymen will perform railway-engineering work in Iran for 1.5 years.

Port Of Gdansk Receives New Consignment Of Crude Oil From Iran

The next consignment of crude oil from Iran will be delivered by the Atlantas tanker.

Kazakh Railways To Build Terminal In Iranian Port

The new terminal will be constructed in Bandar Abbas

Ukrzaliznytsia To Build Railway In Iran

About 100 workers from the Prydniprovsk railway will perform complex of construction works.

State Aviation Service To Demand Iran And Jordan To Abide By Existing Agreements

Aviation authorities of Iran and Jordan refused to grant the UIA permission to fly to these countries.

Iran Invites Ukraine To Build 1,000 Kilometers Of Railway

The Iranian side has invited Ukraine to build 1,000 kilometers of railway in Iran, participate in projects worth USD 10 billion

UM Air Announces Increase In Number Of Passengers On Flights To Iran

The popularity of flights to Iran has increased among Ukrainians and the aircraft occupancy on this route has exceeded 50%. The UM Air airline’s Chairman Rodrigue Elias Merhej announced this.

Two Ukrainian Airlines Not Assigned Air Routes To Iran

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) and the Dniproavia airline have not been assigned new air routes to Iran.

Moldova Proposes New Transit Corridor Bypassing Ukraine For Transporting Iranian Cargoes

The Moldovan Railways intends to become part of a new Iran-EU transit corridor. The leadership of the state-owned Moldovan Railways signed the relevant protocol at a meeting in Constanta.

Mahan Air And UM Air To Launch Joint Flights From Odesa To Iran In Summer

Iranian airline Mahan Air, which has entered the Ukrainian market, plans to begin performing flights from the Odesa airport to Iran jointly with the airline UM Air (Kyiv) in July this year.

Iran Seeking To Establish Air Links Between Its Cities And Major Ukrainian Administrative Centers

We have plans regarding flights to Odesa, Lviv, and Kherson from the administrative centers of Iran.

Ukraine And Iran Approve Joint Plans In Aircraft Manufacturing Industry

Ukraine and Iran have agreed to broaden their cooperation in the aircraft manufacturing industry. Iranian experts predict that Iran will need about 600 passenger aircraft by 2021.

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