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Russia Doubles Sunflower Oil Exports To India

India is the world’s largest importer of vegetable oil and traditionally one of the largest markets for Ukrainian sunflower oil.

India To Buy More Russian Crude Oil

India significantly increased its imports of Russian crude oil after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

Cabinet Introduces New Rules For Entering Ukraine From India, Britain, Russia, And Portugal

The new rules for entering the country were introduced because of the spread of the new Delta strain of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

UIA To Resume Flights To Several European And Asian Countries In Summer

The airline has presented its route network for summer 2021.

Ukraine Begins Issuing Electronic Visas To Citizens Of India, South Africa, And Philippines

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has published procedures for applying for Ukrainian electronic visas.

India Interested In Antonov Transport Aircraft That Is Still In Development

India is interested in the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise’s An-188 transport plane, which is still in development, as well as in the An-124 "Ruslan" transport plane.

Ukraine And Three Countries Agree Single Tariff For Railway Freight From India

The railways of Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine have reached agreement on a single tariff for railway freight being transported from India to Europe through these countries.

Antonov To Participate In Tender To Supply 200 Aircraft To India

Ukraine’s Antonov aircraft manufacturing concern and the Reliance Group (India) will jointly participate in a tender to supply 200 aircraft to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, which is part of the Indian Ministry of Defense.

Antonov To Produce Transport Aircraft In India

Ukraine’s Antonov aircraft manufacturing company will produce transport aircraft in India. Aircraft production will be established in conjunction with an Indian partner – the Reliance Group business holding.

Antonov To Present An-132 Aircraft At India’s Largest Arms Exhibition

Defexpo India, an international exhibition of arms and military equipment, has opened in India. Ukraine’s Antonov aircraft manufacturing concern will present its products at the exhibition, focusing mainly on the An-132 aircraft.

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