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Ukrposhta To Organize 'Black Friday' For Clients

Ukrposhta will deliver parcels that Ukrainians purchase from Chinese internet shops

Antonov To Display An-178 In China

China Air Show 2016 will take place in Zhuhai

SFGCU Proposes Port And Elevator Projects To Chinese

USD 25 million is expected to be invested in modernization of the Odesa grain terminal

Ukrposhta To Attract Transit Parcels From China To Europe

A large proportion of the parcels from China to Europe, including Ukraine, go through Estonia.

Antonov Clarifies Issue Of Intellectual Property Rights To An-225 Mria And China

The Antonov enterprise will not transfer the intellectual property rights to the An-225 Mria to China.

China to provide money for construction of An-178

China Airspace company have pledged to advance money for production of the An-178.

Antonov To Complete Second An-225 Transport Plane For China

The agreement with Chinese company also provides for establishment of joint serial production of the An-225.

Balczun Plans To Capture Transit Goods From China To EU

The Ukrzaliznytsia's head Wojciech Balczun has announced that his company intends to capture a significant part of the goods that are transported from the Far East to Europe.

China Launches First Container Train To Poland

A new container train has been launched between Poland and China under the brand name China Railway Express. The train will operate between Warsaw and the city of Chengdu.

Viking Train To Transport First Freights From China To Baltic States Through Azerbaijan

Two freight trains, which will become part of the Viking container train project, will travel from China through Azerbaijan to the Georgian port of Poti between late July and early August.

Container Ship That Will Open New Panama Canal Being Processed In Odesa

COSCO Shipping Panama, a 300-meter container ship flying the flags of the Marshall Islands, moored at the Odesa port’s Khlibna Havan harbor at about 14:00 on 6 June.

Ukraine To Try To Accelerate Delivery Of Containers To China Via New Train

The speed of transportation of goods through the Black Sea - Trans-Caspian route remains within the planned 9-9.5 days, but there are plans to increase it.

COFCO Terminal: Mykolaiv Sets Foot on the Silk Road

The COFCO corporation (China) has officially commissioned a terminal for transshipment of agricultural products at the Mykolaiv seaport.

Bahrain And China Interested In Project For Reconstruction Of Dnieper-Bug Canal

A business delegation from Bahrain and China visited Delta Lotsman, a division of the Ukrainian Port Authority.

Chinese Investor Launches New Grain Terminal In Mykolaiv Region

Ukraine officially joined the Trans-Caspian transport route

Ukraine officially joined the Trans-Caspian international transport route, the respective protocol was signed on Tuesday, May 17, in Tbilisi.

Chinese Investors Ready To Build ‘Via Carpathia’ Highway

Chinese companies are interested in building the Via Carpathia highway. Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski announced this at the end of his visit to China.

New Silk Road’s Test Train Returns To Ukraine

The first experimental freight train that was launched on the so-called "New Silk Road" on 15 January 2016 returned to Ukraine on 17 April, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

Chinese Company To Develop The Kyiv-Lviv-Warsaw-Berlin High-Speed Rail

The Ministry of Infrastructure is preparing a memorandum with a major Chinese investor on preparation of feasibility studies for development of a high-speed rail line along the Kyiv-Lviv-Warsaw-Berlin route and the Kyiv-Odesa route.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Finalize Trans-Caspian Route Project In May

Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelian expects the project for rail transportation of containers to China via the Trans-Caspian route to be finalized in May.

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