The Tong Li trailing suction hopper dredger belonging to China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC), the company that will perform dredging operations at the Yuzhny port, arrived at the port on July 24, the CFTS portal reports, citing information published on the official Facebook page of the Ukrainian Seaports Authority.

The vessel has a length of 111.4 meters, a width of 21 meters, and a deadweight of 9,551 tons. The vessel, which was built in 1994, flies the Chinese flag. According to the data from, the Tong Li vessel arrived at the Yuzhny port from the Cabinda port (Angola).

"The dredger will start work on the second project in August. It will operate on the maritime approach channel (the contract with the Chinese company provides for dredging the Yuzhny port’s approach channel to 21 meters). A grab dredger will get involved when it reaches hard ground," Anton Stoian, a leading engineer at the Yuzhny port authority’s department of hydraulic structures and capital construction, said in comments to the PFTS portal.

As reported, the South China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. will perform dredging works in the internal water area of the Yuzhny seaport in accordance with contracts signed for two projects: the project for "Reconstruction of the Water Approaches, Shunting Zones, and Operational Water Areas of the Yuzhny Seaport” and the project for "Reconstruction of the Maritime Approach Channel and Inland Water Approaches to the Yuzhny Seaport’s Deep-Water Berths Nos. 5-6."

The dredging work began on 20 July. The dredging project that provides for increasing the water depths to 16 meters to allow the launch the MV Cargo terminal is currently being implemented. The works here will continue until March 31, 2018. 

The first batch of CHEC’s dredging fleet arrived at the Yuzhny seaport on July 4. The fleet, which arrived on board the Eagle vessel, consists of six vessels: a dredger, a self-propelled barge, two non-self-propelled barges, a tug, and an anchor-handling boat.

A few more vessels belonging to the dredging fleet will arrive in the port before the end of the summer. In general, CHEC should complete the dredging work in the Yuzhny port before the end of December 2019.