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American Chamber Of Commerce In Ukraine Supports Reduction Of Port Charges

The ACC and the EBA have defended former infrastructure minister Vladimir Omelian on the issue of reduction of the rates of port charges.

Cabinet Lowers Dividend Rate For Ukrzaliznytsia

The company’s dividend rate has been lowered from 50% to 30%.

Cabinet Lowers Dividend Rate For Boryspil And Lviv Airports

The dividend rate for these airports was lowered from 90% to 30%.

Dividend Rate For State Enterprises Reduced By 10%

The Ministry of Infrastructure proposed lowering the dividend rate to 50%, but the Cabinet of Ministers only reduced it to 80%.

Infrastructure Ministry Proposes Changing Fee For Air Navigation Services In Ukraine

The unit rate for air navigation services on a route will increase from EUR 55.1 to EUR 57.55.

Omelian To Ask Cabinet To Reduce Dividend On Profits Of State Enterprises In Port Industry To 50%

State enterprises are currently required to pay 90% of their net profits as dividends.

USPA Asks Cabinet To Reduce Dividend From 90% To 30% Of Profits

Otherwise, it will be necessary to review the projects in which major investors are interested.

Kravtsov: Ukrzaliznytsia To Pay UAH 4.2 Billion In Land Tax In 2019

Ukrzaliznytsia was stripped of its land-tax preferences on January 1, 2019.

First European-Registered Car Undergoes Customs Clearance In Ukraine Under New Rules

A car with German registration numbers has undergone customs clearance in the Chernivtsi region.

Poroshenko Signs Laws On Customs Clearance Of Foreign-Registered Cars

All the proceeds from customs clearance of such cars will be used to cover the Pension Fund’s deficit.

Surcharge And Taxes Account For 60% Of Prices Of Petroleum Products In Ukraine

Surcharge on owners of gasoline filling stations and taxes account for about 60% of the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine. This is stated in a report by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry.

Ukraine Introduces 5-10% Annual Surcharge On Imports

The import surcharge is being introduced for 12 months because of the sharp deterioration of the country’s balance of payments.


The Ministry offers to replace the issuance and monitoring of certificates with the appropriate electronic register

Revenue Ministry Agrees To Issue Certificates Of Payment Of Recycling Fee To Automobile Importers

The customs found a temporary problem solution

Revenue Ministry Publishes Sample Of Certificate Of Payment Of Automobile Recycling Fee

The certificate should contain information about the taxpayer, the brand of his vehicle, the number of his customs declaration, and the numbers of the engine

Recycling Logic: How A New Law Blocked Registration Of Automobiles With State Automobile Inspectorate

The entry into force of the law on automobile recycling tax has caused problems in the automobile market. From September 1, the State Automobile Inspectorate is obliged to require owners of new automobiles to show receipts for payment of the environmental tax during registration of their automobiles. However, such a document does not exist.

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