The first car with European registration numbers underwent customs clearance at the Chernivtsi Customs on November 26. The car is a Renault Laguna of the 2004 model year.

Customs payments on the car amounted to UAH 49,300, including a 10% import duty (UAH 4,600), excise tax (UAH 28,765), and 20% VAT (UAH 15,957). These figures indicate that the Renault Laguna cost UAH 46,000 (USD 1,600), TopZhyr reports.

In addition, the owner of the car paid a fine of UAH 8,500 for violating the rules for operation of foreign-registered cars in Ukraine.

As reported earlier, a new law on legalization of European Union-registered cars imported into Ukraine in violation of the customs and tax legislation has entered into force. The new law lowers the excise tax payable during customs clearance of passenger cars and increases the responsibility for violation of customs regulations, particularly for people that import cars into Ukraine on transit or for temporary use.