The Ministry of Revenue and Duties has agreed to issue the certificate of payment of the automobile recycling fee to automobile importers during importation of vehicles onto the territory of Ukraine.

"The customs has met us halfway, and a certificate of payment of the automobile recycling fee will be issued for every automobile based on our written request. The State automobile Inspectorate is not opposed. In Kiev, they have agreed to register without customs cargo declarations," Oleh Nazarenko, the general director of the Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers and Dealers (VAAID), wrote on his Facebook page.

As reported, laws that provide for payment of recycling fee for automobiles came into effect on September 1. According to the documents, the buyer

of a new automobile is obliged to present a certificate confirming payment of the recycling fee to the State automobile Inspectorate during registration of the automobile. However, the agency that will issue the certificate has still not been determined, which has caused some difficulties involving registration of new vehicles.