Kherson Airport In Talks With EBRD On Modernization Of Its Terminal

The Kherson regional administration is holding consultations with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the IFS.

Dnipro To Receive EUR 13 Million For Acquisition Of 44 Trolley Buses

The money will come from the EBRD and the Clean Technology Fund.

EBRD Loans Ukrzaliznytsia USD 150 Million For Purchase Of New Freight Cars

Ukrzaliznytsia intends to acquire 6,500 gondola cars with this money

CFTS-Consulting performed market study for the EBRD 150 mln USD loan for gondolas purchasing by UZ

The market study contains a forecast of UZ cargo flow till 2032.

EBRD To Invest EUR 150-200 Million In Ukrainian Transport Industry In 2018

The bank would sign about 25-30 contracts in all sectors this year.

Ukrzaliznytsia And EBRD Begin Preparations For Tender For Supply Of About 7,000 Railcars

The company is currently seeking funds from the EBRD for partially financing

Ukrzaliznytsia And EBRD Sign Agreement On Terms For Financing Project For Purchasing Railcars Worth USD 260 Million

The total estimated cost of the project is USD 260 million

Fleet Of 2,400 Freight Cars To Generate Monthly Revenue Of USD 1 Million For EBRD

The EBRD established the CREA company in October 2016 and transferred the freight cars to it.

Ukrposhta Launches Energy Rehabilitation Project With EBRD Support

Ukrposhta currently has a portfolio of real estate with an area of 1.3 million square meters.

Mark Magaletsky: We learned about all the charms of corporate wars and trials

EBRD senior banker Mark Magaletsky talks about railcars, investments, trials, corporate wars and domestic pets.

EBRD Establishes Railcar Company In Ukraine

EBRD plans to withdraw from this project

EBRD To Finance Purchase Of 3,600 Freight Cars For Ukrzaliznytsia

In general, Ukrzaliznytsia plans to replenish its fleet with 6,600 gondola cars in 2017

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