The Metinvest Group’s enterprises have launched the production of new products despite the Russian military aggression that has been going on in Ukraine for over 10 months. In particular, they have partially compensated for the outputs of the group’s assets in the temporarily occupied Mariupol.

The Metinvest Group announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

"Rebuilding the country's infrastructure and providing Ukrainian consumers with rolled products are among the main areas for which Metinvest's metallurgical plants have started producing new products," the statement said.

According to the statement, most of the newly launched products are in the categories of rolled steel (8), hot-rolled coils and sheets (6), and semi-finished steel products (6). In addition, two new items were introduced in the cold-rolled and hot-rolled plate categories.

Kamet Steel and the Zaporizhstal steel plant launched the lion's share of the new products.

The Azovstal steel plant produced two new brands of hot-rolled products for the machine building and pipe industries until 24 February 2022. Kamet Steel launched the production of new ingots from four grades of steel and hot-rolled blooms of new standard sizes. In addition, the plant has begun producing rectangular billets (275 x 325 mm) from the 30KHN2MA special modified steel.

"The Zaporizhstal steel plant has begun producing hot-rolled sheets with thicknesses of 8-120 mm. This is a completely atypical product for the 1680 rolling mill, but it is extremely necessary for producing construction metal structures at domestic enterprises at a time when rolled sheets from the group's Mariupol plants are currently unavailable. In addition, the plant has begun supplying hot-rolled coils of new brands and sizes for enterprises in the machine-building industry, which were previously produced only at the Illich iron and steel plant," the group said in the statement.

The Metinvest Group’s enterprises have also developed a technology for smelting, casting, rolling, and subsequent heat treatment of steel for manufacturing hard armor plates for the personal protection of soldiers, ballistic protection of special equipment, and shielding large-caliber weapons. This has made it possible to overcome the huge shortage of body armor in Ukraine quickly.

Zaporizhstal has launched the production of two new types of cold-rolled coils: seamless double-weight coils, which are in demand in the construction and mechanical engineering industries, and steel products of the size 0.5-0.6 x 1250 mm, which are intended for subsequent zinc coating. Such coils are required by enterprises that manufacture coated rolled products, corrugated boards, light thin-walled steel structures, and other products by cold roll-forming.

"The largest number of new products are in the category of rolled products. Kamet Steel produced 7 types of hot-rolled round products with diameters of 22-38 mm, which are used in mechanical engineering. The enterprise also launched the production of the MP-4 section, which is intended for lining grinding mills in ore mining and enrichment plants," the statement said.

As the CFTS portal reported, the hull of the Hetman Ivan Mazepa corvette, the flagship of the future Ukrainian Navy, is made of steel produced at the Metinvest Group’s Illich iron and steel works and the Azovstal steel plant (both in Mariupol) before the full-scale war began.